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DJ ORCUN (eng)

DJ ORCUN (eng)


His career began in 2000, the first live performance of DJ ORCUN exhibited.2003 Year since the various cities of Turkey and the festival, many club outperformed, as well as abroad in a few Turks DJ performance is demonstrated from the opened to publish the work.2004 is the official web site 2004 - 2009 years in total from 99 different countries visited by 460,000 people.2007 opened a forum on the DJ and remix his survey of 2007, a total of 14,000 votes over the years have made the best of departing DJ selected.

This World music emporium, the music works and performances exhibited by the House to have a respected place of music in Turkey have been accepted by authorities in a number has been.

World music list, which is one of two DJ (THEDJLIST) from 2007 and joined this year from the list since the aspect Indicating ORCUN with their own style Turkish House style and Ankara, in the categories that the fans vote 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 in 1 As a result of the December 2009 vote selected.
THEDJLIST a very famous name behind the end of January 2010, leaving Turkey and The fourth Became the first world ranking to 100 has managed to.


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